4 Tips & benefits for social media content calendar creation

Working in a student-run PR agency has many benefits including real life experience, therefore getting to use information you have learned in classes and putting it in real life. Being a first year Account Executive and a Sophomore in college I definitely have a lot to learn, and some of it is learning as I go; which includes creating a social media content calendar for the first time ever and implementing it.

Here are some tips and benefits I have learned so far from using a social media content calendar.

  1. Keeps you organized:

What is so amazing about a social media content calendar is, after putting it together, you know exactly when to post and what to post without any hassle. I like to put time aside once a week to create my calendar for the week and spend as little time possible on it until the next time I need to create content, so posting very day a few times a day is not overwhelming and not taking up a lot of my time every day.


  1. Always leave room for change:

In the world of PR things are always moving and rarely go as planned and that is alright. Being one of the only people to have access to posting on the account I usually get at least one email a day asking to share a post on Facebook or someone wanting a specific post put out on a specific day, because I leave room for changes that is more than alright. Having content everyday that is very time specific can cause a lot of problems for you and for your followers, instead of posting five different posts in one day have posts that can be moved around not to annoy your followers.


  1. Reminds you of what you have posted:

Having a team helping create a content for a social media page is a great blessing, but when content has not been posted yet and it is being added to the calendar again just in different wording some things may get a little confusing. Having all the posts that have been pushed out and posts that will be pushed out allows you to see what content has already been talked about and what has not.


  1. Helps you to remember to post:

For me the most difficult part of managing a social media account has been remembering to post everyday and sometimes a few times a day. With the social media calendar the dates and times can be added in so I know when the best time of day to post a content so it will have the maximum amount of viewers. Almost every day of the week is different when it comes to times to post on social media, but with a calendar everything I need to know is very clear.

by Nicole Pilbeam, Account Executive, Communication Department


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