Authenticity Wins



In today’s day and age, social media platforms have caused many people to create themselves a mask which covers their true identity. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have become the lenses in which we hope people will look through in order to find ‘us,’ or the version we wish we really were. We use these platforms to brand ourselves; manipulating photos, quotes, and ideas, posting them for the world to see with the hope that our amount of followers will skyrocket and the likes on our picture will multiply.

Don’t get me wrong. Using these platforms to create a brand for ourselves isn’t wrong; society is moving towards a technologically based way of communication very quickly. I think it is essential to learn how to use these platforms to our advantage—but at what point does it become false advertisement? We have taken these platforms using them as vehicles of deception.

In my opinion, it is important to have an awareness of what pictures we post and  what we say on our public profiles. This is important because these days people are more likely to stalk your Facebook or Instagram page before meeting you. What do you want them to see?

Can you imagine what a potential boss would think, looking over your profile, being impressed with what he/she saw, and then at the moment of the interview, be disappointed with what they experienced? Or what if a company’s hiring firm looked at your personal websites and were completely surprised or turned off by what they saw, when in reality, you are a very organized, put-together person? Job opportunities can easily be turned to the wind because of what is seen online.

But what if this potential boss saw an authentic profile, marketing who you actually were? Maybe he saw a photo of you and your family at an apple orchard this past weekend. Or saw a post you made and chuckled to himself, finding he enjoyed your sense of humor. Maybe he was impressed with how organized and crisp your profile looked. And even better, when meeting you for an interview, he experienced the same qualities that he looked at online.

Authenticity is so important when branding yourself. Honesty in the workforce, and in life, is important in every aspect. Being honest with who you are, what you stand for, and what you believe, gives people a clear idea of who you are—a clear lens to look through: what you see is what you get.

By Christina Cusumano, Junior Account Executive, KC-CASA


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