3 Tips for Confidence

A Simple Saying With An Even Bigger Meaning

When you become involved in the PR world, “fake it until you make it” has a whole new meaning. You are not going to know everything nor are you going to be superbly good at it all either. In the realm of PR, it is all about confidence. You might set high expectations, but eventually you are going to fail, hit that block in the road or have no idea what to do. Then what?

Just breathe



So you don’t end up like this . . .


 Somehow we, as PR professionals, always manage to get our tasks done, so you might as well clear your head and relieve some stress by not worrying about everything or becoming overwhelmed. That only takes up more of your time. If you are in a pickle, ask your team questions or advice. This is the beauty of PR, our team members and colleagues  are also a second family. They are with you till the end.

Pick yourself up


One of my favorite quotes is from the show Friday Night Lights when Coach Taylor said, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” As PR professionals we need to keep moving forward by disregarding past mistakes and failures and focus on what is happening in the ‘now.’ Find something you are passionate about and head in that direction because nothing is more dangerous than a PR student with fire lit under them.

Strut your stuff


People don’t have to know you have no clue what you’re doing. Keep your head and chin held high, and don’t allow yourself to come across as feeble or puzzled. If you place confidence in yourself and your abilities, then success will be right around the corner and opportunities.

Prove to professionals that you can do it by showing them your quirks and strengths. You have nothing to lose, so why not?  Make a name for yourself and get out there. The only one holding you back is yourself.

By Jessica Kilbride, Junior Account Executive, Exploration Station

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