Spring 2017 leadership announced

Inspired Strategies Agency is growing exponentially. We are proud to announce our Spring 2017 leadership team.

Faculty Advisor- Elizabeth Kerns (FA)

Agency Director- Alexis Smith (AD)

Associate Director of Human Resources & Internal Relations (ADHRIR) – Hira Uddin

Associate Director of Training & Development (ADTD)- Rachel Schramm

Associate Director of Digital and Social Media (ADDSM) – Jasmine Smith

Account Executive – Katy Maurer, Strickler Planetarium

Associate Account Executive – Baylee Harrison, Strickler Planetarium

Account Executive-Elijah Svoboda, The Exploration Station…. A Children’s Museum

Associate Account Executive- Jessica Kilbride,The Exploration Station…. A Children’s Museum

Account Executive- Hayden Keifer, Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce

Account Executive- Kate Cox, Kankakee County Center Against Sexual Assault (KC-CASA)

Associate Account Executive- Helen Berdebes, KC-CASA

Account Executive- Nicole Pilbeam, The Communication Department




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