Your Thing

What’s your thing?

Everyone kind of has a thing. A shtick, if you will. Some characteristic , quality, or feature that defines them. What’s yours?

This ad by AXE is called “Find Your Magic” and the idea is just that-defying what might be the social or cultural expectation of what is attractive, and simply making what you have work for you.

I think this ad works really well. It appeals to a wide variety of man, which is not only greatly appreciated, but a very intelligent move tactically. In today’s environment of PC accept-all-shapes-and-sizes daily life, this ad does very well. And also, it deviates from the stereotypical male hygiene promotions which feature buff guys boasting six packs and rippling biceps.

But, contrary to that overused and exhausted model, this commercial appeals to everyone, by simply telling everyone to find what they have that works for them, and to run with it. Some examples of these in the video are “the nose”, “the suit”, and “the fire”. All of which can, in the right context, “work” for you.

Let’s define “work for you” real quick. AXE is definitely referring to attracting other people, be they the opposite-or in one section-the same sex. Despite having a very innovative commercial, the company remains with their tried-and-true method of selling sex to consumers. They very blatantly sell that idea in one segment of the video in which they mention one person’s thing as “the touch”.

Overall, it is a solid ad, with a remarkably new take on selling hygiene products. Not something I really expected from AXE honestly. Perhaps they have some new PR people.

I would suggest you all quit wasting time reading my blog and go and work on your thing, whatever it might be. Live long and prosper!

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By Elijah Svoboda, Account Executive, Exploration Station…A Children’s Museum


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