Feeling overworked and stressed? If you answered yes, then you may have an issue with balance in your life. As a college student, I know what it is like to have a full plate, with school, extracurricular activities, and work. I used to dream of the day when my head would no longer spin because of all of my responsibilities. I had this idea that I would somehow be less stressed and busy when I finally graduated college and entered the ‘real world.’
Unfortunately, as I have been informed by many professionals, once I start working for a Public Relations agency or Public Relations department in a corporation, I will be busier than I could have imagined. Being a busy body all my life, I almost wonder how I would live without numerous tasks to complete and a filled calendar. PR is naturally the profession for me then, right?
Even those of us who thrive on busy lives need to set aside some down time to regroup every once in a while, as well as realize when to say no when more responsibilities are thrown in our faces. I understand, once out of college, one may have less of a choice in what they do and do not take on, but there is always room for adjusting priorities.
Where is the line between working too much and having too much pleasure? While there may not be a definitive answer, 5WPR, an award winning PR firm, offers a few suggestions on maintaining a work-life balance:


  • Do what you love–  On the few days you aren’t running around trying to check all of the boxes on the to-do list, take the time to engage in your hobbies. Although cliche, doing what you love will give you the break needed to start another work week.


  • Don’t procrastinate– Guilty as charged. I like to say my best work is done while under pressure, but I would be a lot less stressed and would have more time for the activities I love if I buckled down and did work in advance.


  • Ask about flexibility– If you are in need of some family time, try working from home every now and then. Depending on your employer, you could have the best of both worlds.


The work-life balance is not some complicated code to be deciphered. Rather, the balance is unique to each person and type of career he or she goes into. For those of us in PR, we have a busy life ahead, but the reward of helping people will surely be worth it.
By Julie Hogan, Junior Account Executive, Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce

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