The Umbrella Effect

I came across an article written by the Founder and CEO of Elevate My Brand, Laurel Mintz. This article was called “The Real Difference Between Marketing, Branding, PR, and Advertising”. Mintz talked about how marketing was the umbrella above branding, public relations, and advertising. I however, have to disagree.


Heres why:


Public Relations is actually the “umbrella” above marketing, branding, and advertising. I know that this might sound like a “out-there” idea, but when you really think about it, public relations is the heart of a company. It is their reputation.

Lets talk about each of the topics that fall under the PR umbrella 

Marketing: So what is marketing? Why can’t they be the top?


Lets think about this… If marketing is the umbrella at a company, what are they going to do in a time of crisis? They are going to call their reputation savers (a.k.a. the public relations team). There is no room to sell a product to an upset group of consumers in a time of crisis. Your reputation as a brand comes before selling the product.

Branding: Isn’t Branding the Brand? Why can’t they be on top?


Is branding really even a stand alone category? As pictured above, branding is identifying a product or service with a brand. Yes, branding is extremely important. Its actually the first impression that someone has with a brand. This however, is something that Public Relations Professionals normally take care of.

Advertising: Okay, we get it. Its pretty cool. But, Why cant Advertising be on top?


Think if advertising was the top… If a company fell under the umbrella of advertising, it wouldn’t be good. People are not going to listen to the advertisements if they do not have a favorable opinion about the brand. Advertising is important, But public relations still sits on top because PR is the reputation of a company.


Now, This blog is NOT to shoot down marketing, advertising, or branding. When I was a freshman, I was actually a marketing major. I quickly realized that marketing was not for me because I wanted to be telling the story of a company, not selling it. I think each of the counterparts of the “umbrella” are equally important to a companies survival, however, when there is nothing left to a company, its reputation is what stands. That is PR.

Hayden’s Not-So-Important Opinion? 

Public Relations is the umbrella, not Marketing.

Hayden’s Advice of The Week?

Remember that all of the aspects of the umbrella work together. Do what you love to do.

By Hayden Keifer, Account Executive,  Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce

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