What is SWOT Analysis & How to use it Effectively?

You may be wondering what is a SWOT? SWOT is a way of thinking about your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and threats for a Project. SWOT Analysis is like a manual guide for PR people to look at along the development of the project.

  • Strengths– Public Relations is simply telling the truth in a business manor. You have to list your strengths. You should ask yourself, “what makes my project different from the others?” “What do you have better than anyone else?” While listing your strengths, you should also define your mission and goals for the project.

Strengths could be:

-web design work

– creativity

–  the people you want to influence with the project

  • Weaknesses– The weakness could be from problems from the last project, you would want to learn from those mistakes and turn them into your strengths. Ask a question like, “What should you avoid?”

Weaknesses could be:

-lack of marketing

-lack of sponsorship

– lack of planning

  • Opportunities: The opportunities come from changes, this could be whatever might change in the development of the project or after it is finished. Check on the changes of social media, social patterns, population profiles, and lifestyle changes.

Opportunities could be:

– creating a new logo

– branding the project in a different light

– launching new social media pages for the project

  • Threats: Threats could be what is going to make or break your project. Ask questions like, “What are your competitors doing?” “Could any of your weakness seriously threaten your business?”

Threats could be:

-Project is perceived the wrong way

– lack of time

– costly

SWOT will give you the internal and external features affecting your project. After you do your research translate them to an action plan and put it to use.

By Jayson Jones, Junior Account Executive, Communication Department


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