Meditation Apps

College can be stressful, as well as Public Relations, or any other field of work. As stress levels rise and attention spans shrink, consumers are using technology to relieve stress. Yoga is a very popular stress reliever and meditation apps are becoming popular in the marketplace. Many meditation Apps such as Headspace, Calm, and The Mindfulness App have monthly and yearly subscriptions. Mediation Apps are a genius invention that makes mediation fun, easy and at your fingertips. These Apps offer meditation sessions that help improve both physical and emotional health, increase focus, manage stress, and help you get a good night’s sleep. The meditation sessions can be customized by mood.

Meditation has been practiced for many years and is based on Buddhism. It has recently increased in popularity. There seems to be a realization that emotional well-being effects overall health. People are realizing that chronic stress can make you have ill health.These Apps can help them manage their stress. Every meditation app is different and has its own vibe.  Here are the differences between the 3 Apps:

1. The Mindfulness App

  • global focus, offers 30 different languages
  • targets Urban Consumers ages 35-50
  • promotes itself using Instagram influencers & paid ads
  • emphasizes expertise of instructors
  • partnered with a London airline to offer meditation sessions on flights
  • tested the app on 100 hospital employees in Sweden and the U.K. to test its impact on staffers’ trauma management and interactions with patients

2. Headspace App

  • partnered with several major airlines to offer passengers content on staying calm through flight delays, avoiding jet lag,and sleeping better on board
  • worked with the British Olympic team’s athletes and sports psychologists to improve performance during the 2012 and 2016 games
  • partnerships have been crucial to their success

3. Calm App

  • unique services
  • sleep stories that are bedtime stories for adults
  • nature background sounds & scenery
  • advertises on Facebook
  • reaches most customers through word of mouth

By Jasmine Smith, Associate Director of Social and Digital Services

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