Publicist or Pushover?

When you first think about this word, you might think of the classic chick-flick, “The Devil Wears Prada,” laundry-lists of never ending work, and coffee runs. Lots of coffee runs.

Although the media has created a negative lens for which we see publicists and their work, I’d like to suggest a different way of looking at this career choice. When you dig deeper and focus on a publicist’s goal at hand, there is a great deal of substance to the work that these individuals do.

When you really think and reflect on what it entails to be a publicist, you will come to gain a better understanding of their heart behind this career.

The term “publicist” on is defined as: “a person responsible for publicizing a product, person, or company.”

What does this mean? Essentially, it means that you are responsible for giving and filtering good/bad information to the public for an actor, musician, artist, athlete, celebrity, etc.

Why do they need a publicist? Well, anyone in these different fields of entertainment desire to be known, whether it be locally, nationally, or even globally; their publicist helps them get to that point in their career.

How do they do this? By coordinating events, creating media content, and acting as a liaison between the celebrity and the public.

Helping a “nobody” pave their path to success would be so satisfying and fulfilling. Recently, I have felt called to this avenue of Public Relations, partly because helping people has always been a passion of mine.

But, how does a girl from the Midwest land a job helping people become the familiar face of Vogue, Sports Illustrated, Billboard, or even the Red Carpet?

I’m starting to ask myself this question more and more.

While researching Publicist work and how to become one, I stumbled upon an article written by Editor and Writer, Kevin Clark called “10 Career-Building Tips For Aspiring Publicists” (link at end of article).

The TOP 3 tips for making your way as an aspiring publicist are:

  • Location — know where the “big boys play” that are specific to the industry you’re interested in.
    • Looks like I’m moving to Los Angeles! Sorry, Mom!
  • Web/Media Presence — make sure your media platforms are well developed; this will help your credibility.
    • The reason this blog exists.
  • Network — make and keep connections, anywhere and everywhere; you never know how or when they will come in hand.
    • Ask! I’m learning how powerful it is to use your voice. If you never ask, you never know!

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it” ~Anonymous

Read the original post here!

By Christina Cusumano, Junior Account Executive, KC-CASA



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