Changing Face of the Public Relations Agency

We live in an ever-changing world. That has never been as true as it is today. Technological advances, big data, and the rapid turn-around of information means PR too has gone through huge changes in the past 10 years.

PR specialists wrote press releases, made connections and fought for placement in prestigious publications for their clients. However, with the growth of content marketing and online consumption, the face of public relations changed forever. Instead of using tv advertisements and news ads, brands and PR specialists make there own content and push it out to the market.

Content is king, this means making stories relatable and appealing to the audience than just a simple ad in media today. Consumers want to hear and see about the product versus having information about the price and features of a product. Consumers are no longer interested in getting information from press releases and other formal announcements. I personally tend to read articles or news that have a catchy story because that is more appealing than reading something boring with a lot of information.

Digital Public Relations are pushing brands and their PR experts to take their business online. Everything is online and pushed through different mediums especially social media. You see advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect.  Whether through interactive websites or fun personalities representing their social media pages, brands try to make communication more fun and appealing. Now a days, when your looking at something online to buy, there is a tracker that will remind you that you need that item/product. I know amazon does this and will constantly show up on my web pages to remind me to purchase that item.

Technological Advances constantly is changing Public Relations. A company can build a presence on social media and push their information out on those platforms. On Facebook there as an option to boost so the site can have more traffic and followers. Consumers turn to bloggers when new products come out or for entertainment. The strength of public relations lies in its ability to adapt and change.

By Hira Uddin, Associate Director of Human Resources and Internal Relations

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