3 Things I love about ISA

WARNING: This post is an ode to the staff of ISA.

Last week as I sat through interviews for a new Agency Director it finally hit me that I was graduating and stepping down from this position.

Anyone who has spent time with me in the last year and a half can attest that I have devoted a large part of my life to ISA. Since that realization I have become sentimental and because I love making lists (shameless plug to one of my blog posts) (Links to an external site.)  I decided it’s only fitting to list the 3 things I love the most about ISA.

1.The impact we have made on the community- There was already something quietly charming about Kankakee County and it was the spirit of the community. From the very beginning my wish for ISA was that we could showcase that through our PR talents. I want nothing more than this community to be stronger than it ever was. When I hear clients or community members tell me that they felt like they were apart of something bigger I know ISA has done its job. I also know there is more work to be done.

2. Organizational culture within the agency- No matter your position in ISA you are mentoring up and down. Professor Kerns is my mentor and I am a mentor to the Account Executives (AE). They mentor up to me and they mentor down to their Junior Account Executives (JAE). The JAEs mentor down to potential ISA staff members and up to the AEs. The key word is mentoring. We all have skills, strengths, and talents that we can share with someone else and I love that this organizational culture provides a safe space to do just that.

3. So.much. professional. experience. – ISA will not teach you how to become an adult but it will teach you how to become a professional. I have become an interview pro because I have sat on both sides of the table. I have learned how to effectively manage my time. I have learned how to be the boss and be the friend. I have learned the importance of priorities. I am not afraid to go out into this big scary world and I have Inspired Strategies Agency and everyone involved to thank for that.


One thought on “3 Things I love about ISA

  1. What a great review of what you’ve learned, Alexis! Thanks for sharing. We will definitely miss your mentoring.


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