Things I’ve learned from theatre that translate into PR.

Theatre is a very important part of my life and I made it part of my mission to include some of it into my blog. Right now, I am involved in the musical Guys and Dolls at Olivet. Each theatre experience brings different challenges and lessons. This experience has had many ups and downs, upon reflecting on them I have come up with a few that I think really correlate into my PR life.

1. Make a plan

Every show needs a plan. Every last detail about a show is carefully thought out and troubleshot in order to make things run smoothly. The same goes for a good PR campaign. Without a plan, there will be no way to communicate to others what needs to be done for your show or campaign.

2. Be Flexible to changing the plan

While you do need to make a carefully thought out plan, you have to be prepared to change your plan to fit the needs of your show or campaign. Problems will arise and you must be able to see the problem and trouble shoot it, and fix it as it comes.

3. You can make something as pretty as you want but if you don’t market it they won’t come

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many hours or tears you put into something, if you don’t market it well enough then people won’t come or know about it. Make sure you have that end of your campaign or show covered.

4. Make it pretty

If you advertise something a lot but your final product is not good, that is not good for your brand or your show. Doing something half way is branding you in a way that says you don’t care. This will not bring people back.

5. You don’t have to think in a single way – be creative and different

Not everyone does things the same way. Embrace new ideas and new ways of thinking. Never feel like you have to color within the lines of your campaign or your production. Sometimes the thing that is needed most by a brand is a new idea and someone who isn’t afraid to implement it.

By Helen Berdebes, Junior Account Executive, KC-CASA

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