Being in the class of Introduction to Journalism as well as being a PR major taking PR classes can be a little puzzling in the eyes of some professionals since we are apparently not supposed to see eye to eye. Being on both sides of the spectrum both PR professionals and journalist need to work together in order to be successful.

Public Relations professionals are the ones that are trying to represent their brand in the best light. Journalists take the brand’s story and reveal it to the public as well. Here are some tips on how to build a better relationship with journalist:

1. Do your research

When presenting your work to a journalist make sure there is plenty of information and all of the information is correct that you are giving them. This will help them cover the story correctly and make working with you easier. Give them what they need to know because they have too many stories to work on not just yours. Saving the wording and just giving them facts makes the willingness to work with you easier. Be respectful of their time as they have more stories than just yours to cover.

2.Build a solid relationship

Once you find a journalist who represents your brand well use them as a source each time. If you are sending your information to every journalist it does not build a standing relationship where you can rely on him or her when you need something published. Also knowing the journalist helps you know if they would be interested in writing about the information you are giving them. If they are not then move on to your next trusted journalist.

3.Give credit to where credit is due

If they are publishing your work read their work too. Expanding their network to yours and vise versa will help with credibility and other resources you may be able to use in the future.

Overall, the relationship between journalist and PR professionals is changing and evolving. Take these tips to build a better connection in the professional world. Both sides need each other to inform the public.

By Baylee Harrison, Associate Account Executive, Strickler Planetarium

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