Perfect Pitching

We all have those times where we are wanting to amp up our stories or press releases, but not quite sure how to do so. Here are 5 tips to becoming a PR pro:

news lady

1.) Read the News

Reading the news and becoming more familiar with the reporters that you want to pitch to will benefit you in the long run. Each reporter has their own different type of style and preferences in what they are looking for. Getting a better understanding on what kinds of topics reporters cover, their writing style, and what they print will give you better odds at being published if it is relevant to the pitch you are giving. The news is key for refreshing our minds and learning what people want or are looking for.

2.) Don’t Spam Journalists

Make sure you know who you are sending your press release or pitch to. Often times people send it to an email address, but it just gets ignored or put into the trash. Make sure not to spam it and take into consideration who the people are that you are sending it to. You are able to search journalists by location, job title, or publication type which helps narrow down who your pitch is specifically going to.

3.) Add Quotes

Using quotes will give your pitch life and credibility. Direct quotes are valuable for press releases or pitches because of how personalized it is. Quotes will show the reporter that you have substantial information and are invested in your work.

4.) Include the 5 W’s

The five most important pieces of information in any press release or pitch should answer the questions to: Who? What? When? Where? Why? The five W’s make the pitch whole and complete because they are the necessary components to finding out all of the details to any story.

5.) Recognize Deadlines

Everyone has their own deadline, but the most important deadline of them all is that of the journalist’s. Since journalists look through dozens of pitches at a time, make sure that yours is one to stand out. Sending it in earlier than the others will show that you care and are on top of your game. Pitch something worth reading, because otherwise it will get tossed aside. Make your pitch relevant to the journal, the reporter’s readers, your target audience, and the client you are working with.

All 5 of these tips are useful for bettering yourself and your future. If you want to check out more on this topic go to:

By Lindsy Hentschel, Junior Account Executive, KCCC

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