Team Work



Whether you are slaying in the professional world, struggling as a college student, breezing through high school or anything in between, there’s one thing we have all been taught and trained to despise. Group work.

The strained agony in people’s voices when they talk about working with a group never fails to make me cringe and feel sorry for them.

At least that’s how it USED to be.

Yes, I used to hate working with a team because it always felt like I ended up doing ALL the work. (A big reason why I chose to play golf instead of maybe basketball or volleyball). We like to rely on ourselves and not put our trust in anyone else. We think “If I want it done right, I’ll just do it myself.” But this year I have been really challenged to let that thought go.

It started by registering for a class last semester called “Inspired Strategies Agency.” This is a student-run Public Relations firm here at Olivet. ISA partners with different organizations in the community or on-campus to help them with their PR endeavors. In ISA, we are put on to different teams of 5 or 6 people – one team for each client.

kc casa team

After working with this team for a year, I not only have gained an unbelievable amount of PR knowledge, but I have grown so much as a person and young professional. The girls on my team constantly inspire me with the passion they have for ISA and the mission of Public Relations.

By changing my perspective and attitude toward teamwork, my relationships have changed exponentially. With my golf teammates, my classmates, roommates, and even my family. By learning to put more trust in others, I have found so much freedom. I’ve learned there is more than one right way to do things. I can see the beauty in bouncing ideas around with other people and now I know what it means to truly listen to another’s perspective.

There really is something beautiful when individuals can come together and work toward a common goal for the betterment of the community and/or world. Sharing that struggle and eventual reward for a job well done with others is so much better than going through things alone. My favorite music artist, Ben Rector says, “Life is not the mountain tops – it’s the walking in between, and I like you walking next to me.” Get you a team that will walk through the valleys AND share in your mountain top moments with you. And honestly, that for all aspects of life. Not just on athletic teams, or team projects, but in family crisis or spiritual renewal.

As I referenced High School Musical in my title, I’d like to close with a quote by the wonderful Kenny Ortega. “We’re All in This Together.”

high school muical

Live into that truth, and challenge yourself to embrace teamwork. Thanks for reading.

By Mackenzie Mehaffey, Junior Account Executive, KC-CASA

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