Do you DUNK or Drown your Donut?

Have you ever tried juggling too many tasks at once, and then amid it all, realized your error only after you burnt yourself out and spent a couple (or few) nights crying, sprinkled in with some all-nighter’s?

But now you’re responsibilities are raining down upon you      

Perhaps you felt pressured to join this club and that program, or you simply wanted to build up  your resume. Now you find it difficult to allot time for a shower. What is the next step forward?

Pause Life and Indulge for a Moment


We are always seeking answers: how can I balance my time better, what is the bare minimum I can do to still get an A or B and how did Donald Trump get elected as President? (Just kidding.)  No one likes soggy donuts, so STOP drowning yourself! Breathe a little and enjoy what is around you: friends, family and wonderful weather. Just stop and embrace life. I challenge you to see what happens.

What’s been Eating up your Time?


Now consider how much time you have spent doing what you love and with who you love. What have you accomplished, or rather, what have you let consume you? Have you reconciled those sore areas in your life or have been distracted by social media? Were you there for your family when they needed you or a friend who was suffering or put them aside and school work first? Know where your priorities are and consider if this will matter to you three months or five years down the road.

Become More Than a Glazed Donut


This culture has you focused on the here and now, but DREAM BIG and think of the future! Will taking one day off once a week, really put you behind? No; rather, it would prevent you from becoming burnt out. You should constantly strive to reinvent yourself and excel in school or work, BUT without fun, you begin to glaze over. Life is no longer enjoyable, and you lose that deep passion and blazing fire inside of you.

What’s Filling in your Center?


That ‘pit that always feels like it needs to be filled,’ never truly will be until you seek something purposeful. For me, it was God. Sometimes I tried filling this hole with friends or ice-cream; all to no avail. I have believed in God, but I did not know Him. Just like you probably have some friends, but don’t know their full story, don’t truly know why they are the way they are and why they act the way they do. Then, when you actually hear them out, it all clicks.

Stop Drowning Yourself and Start Dipping 


When I stopped seeking the wrong things, that is when I stopped drowning. That’s when I noticed and understood what truly matters and started dipping into other people’s lives. Now I pause and take time for myself and for my friends; the best part about it? Everything still gets done on time, but now life has more meaning and I don’t feel like everything is raining down upon me because I have allowed myself to dip into what matters.

By Jessie Kilbride,Associate Account Executive, Explorations Station





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