5 Ways to Stay Motivated

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Throughout your time in college or even in your career, there will likely be a point in which you start to question your direction in life and if you are where you really want to be. While this feeling is unsettling, it is not abnormal; everyone loses their sense of passion at some point in their pursuit of achieving their goals within it. Being able to renew this sense of purpose and passion is key to being successful in any pursuit. Here are a few ways to reignite the fire that once motivated you to success:

1.Force yourself to take a break from your passion.

This will not be easy, as you are likely constantly thinking about what you were once passionate about. Make a conscious effort to focus on something other than your absence of passion, allowing for you to clear your mind and refocus.

2.Consult someone that shares your passion about what drives them.

For example, if you are passionate about public relations, consult an advisor or supervisor about where their passion comes from. While there are a few people who are not entirely passionate about their career/major/hobby, most will be able to tell you what keeps them ticking.

3.Take an hour to yourself to either sit or go for a walk to think about where your passion originally came from.

Everyone’s passion was sparked by something initially, yet most of us lose sight of this event in the pursuit of achieving greater goals. By stepping back and reminiscing on the incident that initially led to your passion for something, you may reignite a bit of what used to bring you much joy.

4.Get involved in another aspect of your passion, which will allow you to gain a different perspective of why you get excited about what you do.

In other words, find a club or an organization or a volunteering opportunity that you were not otherwise involved with that allows you to gain a new community and perspective involving your passion.

5.As the Nike slogan says, “Just do it”

Sometimes you just need to buck up and get back to doing whatever you were passionate about, brushing aside all hesitations and frustrations that hindered you before. By refusing your reservations, sometimes you will have a liberating breakthrough that allows you to fall in love with your passion all over again.

Take the time to re-center your priorities, and fall in love with whatever you were once passionate about all over again.

By: Kyla Bledsoe, Junior Account Executive, Communication Department


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