3 Ways PR helps nonprofits


One of the things I love about public relations is that every organization needs a public relations specialist.

In high school, I wanted to major in social work and corporate communications. I dreamed of helping pregnancy resource centers spread the message of the value of life. After taking a communication class, I became curious about the public relations major and took Intro to PR. I started to realize that a public relations major would help me accomplish this dream.

Here are three ways public relations can help nonprofits.

  1. Volunteers

Nonprofit organizations need public relations specialists. When a nonprofit organization has a positive public image there is a higher chance of the public donating their time to help the organization succeed. Most nonprofits rely on volunteers in a variety of ways such as marketing, graphic design, accounting, website development, event planning, and much more.

  1. Awareness

PR helps nonprofits spread their message. This may happen through a social media campaign, a charity that raises funds for cancer research, and much more. Most nonprofits need PR help because the volunteers or workers usually have not been trained correctly.

  1. Donations

Most nonprofits survive off of donations.  By creating a positive public image, the nonprofit will increase its fundraising and the number of volunteers. Also, promoting the success of the nonprofit can help increase donations. People are more likely to donate to a nonprofit if they feel like their donation is being used for a specific positive purpose.

These are just three of the many reasons public relations can help nonprofits. I am excited to learn more about how the two go together.

By Ailis Bull, Junior Account Executive, Communication Department

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