Thank you ISA

I can honestly say that this semester has been nothing short of stressful! There were so many big projects and so many tests that I don’t know how I got through all of it in one piece.

Throughout all of the stress I learned a lot, especially in Inspired Strategies Agency (ISA). This was my first semester in agency and I didn’t know what to expect. Each team was so different in what they were trying to accomplish for their client and I was worried because I didn’t know what to expect when I got put on a team.

I got to be a part of the Strickler Planetarium team. I was freaking out a little bit when I heard that this is the team that I would be working with for the semester because I knew little to nothing about space! Luckily, we had the help of our incredible AE, Katy Maurer and our AAE Baylee Harrison. Katy loves space so much and the love that she has for it helped me learn more about it and end up loving it too.

Going into this team I didn’t know what we would be working on, but I did know that I was excited and nervous to see what was to come. I am walking away from this semester with so much more knowledge in Public Relations, and I gained a lot of that from being on this team.

Not only did I end up learning a lot about space, especially at our educators workshop about the eclipse, (August 21st. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!), I also learned how to make a social media calendar and how to keep up with it, I learned how to plan an event, make flyers for it, promote it, and get everything ready for it. Promotion is so important and I cannot stress that enough!

While I did learn a lot in the other classes that I took this semester, this is the one that I got the most out of. I got to implement the things that I was learning for a real client. When I first came into agency I didn’t think that I would get to plan out not only one event, but 2 events, that both went extremely well.

There was so much planning and hard work that went into these events. We were so happy about the way that our first event went because we didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t know how many people were going to show up, if we had enough materials, or if we had done enough promotion.

The craft night ended up being a huge success! I had so much fun working with my team to come up with the crafts that we would be doing, making flyers, promoting it wherever and whenever we could, and partnering with the Exploration Station. It is something that we hope to implement for years to come.

There is so much that I learned that I know I will carry it all with me wherever I go and to whatever job I have in the future.

I want to say a huge thank you to Katy, Baylee, and Goldene for being such an amazing team of women to work with. I also want to thank Dr. Case for believing in us so much and appreciating all of the hard work that we put in this semester.

I feel so blessed to have been put on the Strickler Planetarium team, not only did I learn so much, but I made great friends. Thank you ISA!

By Rebecca Plomero, Junior Account Executive, Strickler Planetarium

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