What I Learned on the First Week of My Public Relations Internship

I just finished the first week of my public relations internship with the Museum of Science and Industry. Let me just say, it was nothing like I expected it to be. I went in thinking that I would only be watching and taking notes.

To my surprise, I was given a hands-on assignment on the first day. By the second day, I was running errands with people from WCIU-TV. Upon the end of the week, I had already been to a few meetings and worked on my first “media alert.”

I’ve learned so much in just the four days that I’ve worked. Although I’m already comfortable with communicating, I had to adjust to meeting the people my department as well as other departments. I have been learning more about my colleagues and getting more of an understanding of their roles/titles.

I suppose one of the biggest things I’ve learned after this week is that public relations is unexpected. There’s never just one thing you have to focus on, there’s always more. No single day is similar to the other. This is primarily why I think I enjoyed my first week so much. Each day, there was a different task. Not only this, but I was actually “doing.”

I have already made so many mistakes and my colleagues have helped and corrected me. I sent a draft of a media alert and when I received it back, there were red marks all over it. This was very intimidating but it’s what I needed in order to do a better job. My colleagues made me feel comfortable and went over my mistakes with me. What I’m trying to say is, I realized that it’s okay to make mistakes and by doing so, it will only benefit you.

I’m so excited for the rest of my journey as a public relations intern and towards the end of my internship I will reflect on everything I’ve learned. I’m prepared to make many more mistakes but I am also prepared for my success!

Goldene Brown

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