Professional Sports and PR.

The National Football League (NFL) is an alliance of 32 professional American Football groups. During the season, which runs from Labor Day through Christmas, games are played on Thursday, Sunday, Monday and in some cases Saturday. Fans can go to games in person, or watch the competition live on national TV.

According to the ESPN Reports in 2014, the NFL has about 160 million worldwide fans.  Now with it being 2017, I am sure fan base for the NFL has grown over the years. Not only has the fan base for this league grown, but the public relations and sports media has been a big improvement as well.
Growing up I was more of a basketball fan because I always thought the NFL couldn’t attract my attention as much basketball could. For example, the NBA did a great job of advertising with promoting its teams associated in the league and the brands sponsoring the league. But for the last 5 years especially, the NFL has made their league more capable of connecting the sports to its fans. For example, since 2016 many teams have begun locking arms and kneeling in for the protest started by Collin Kaepernick in regards to human rights. Many people have mixed reviews about this ongoing protest but how exactly are the football teams reacting to media? This is where I think the NFL has improved in the Public Relations aspect. There has been a lot of scrutiny of these protests throughout the late weeks of September.

On October 1st, the Indianapolis Colts posted on Twitter, “Stronger together. #INDvsSEA.”

This post really spoke to me because it shows the players’ heart and equality. The words “stronger together” really show their meaning with this post because it shows that the players are all in this together. Standing together is what the NFL is known for. I think Public Relations is vital to the sports world to connect the world and showing its brand and value to the fans.


Additionally, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is an association of 32 American basketball teams. Games are played seven days of the week throughout the season. Fans can go to the stadiums to view the game or watch the event live on national TV. According to Twitter in 2017, the NBA has 26.5 million followers on their social media page. The NBA has always been electronically interactive with its fans and as a fan, I really enjoy being updated with its news.
Where I think the NBA’s Public Relations unit has improved and keeps improving is by embracing and supporting the news and tragedies around the world. For example, the Dallas Mavericks sent a plane full of food and clothes to the people affected by Hurricane Maria and then released an article letting the community know it’s not just all about basketball.

image (1)


As a child who grew up in the little island of Haiti, it hurts to see me to see buildings and people affected by Hurricane Irma, but it makes me happy seeing people not only donate but reach out and go help the people of the island get back on their feet. Public Relations has always been a key correspondence process that constructs commonly helpful connections between associations and their publics. Although seeing the Dallas Mavericks reaching out and helping the world does not only help brand the league but gives a good reputation on the name of the NBA. Public Relations has improved day by day for sports and I’m excited to see how it improves in the incoming years.
Written By: Jonathan Pierre, Junior Account Executive, Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce



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