Uber to Lose License in London

Most people have heard of Uber, the popular private-hire vehicle service. The company became a mean of transportation in 2015. Uber is located in 633 cities worldwide, and is more popular than other services such as Lyft. Since 2015, Uber has had some major Public Relation crisis.
Not too long ago, Uber’s CEO Travis Klavanic took an indefinite leave of absence. Following that event came hostage situations, increased prices and other series of events in which caused the company trouble. Now, Uber is set to lose it’s operating ability in London.

The transportation officials in London say, “Uber isn’t fit and proper to hold a license to operate a private-hire vehicle service.”

Uber is lacking corporate responsibility. With the CEO fleeing his company, Public Relation officials have to work hard to keep the image of Uber up. Unfortunately, things seem to be going downhill for Uber.

As a response to London, Uber put a statement that accused London of not allowing customers to have a choice. London “wants to restrict customers choice”, said the company.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, says he fully supports this decision to repeal Uber’s license, and that “it would be wrong for TFL to continue to license Uber if there is in at way that this could pose a threat to London’s safety and security.”

Uber has yet to apologize and has not released major statements regarding this issue. Is this an issue of poor PR? The company is now banned from Belgian, France and Spain but faces many other issues around the world that have not been handled effectively.

It’s hard to say a downfall of Uber would be because of the corporate culture or lack of corporate responsibility. Is Uber lacking sufficient PR?

Written by: Goldene Brown, Associate Account Executive



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