The Boston Babes


Exhilaration and sleep: the two thoughts constantly streaming through my brain and everyone else’s during PRSSA 2017 National Conference. You look to the left and see people bustling, Lyfts and Ubers coming and going, people headed to Starbucks, and then you look to your right – a luscious green park, pigeons, rain spitting every so often, but peace and quiet, or as much as you will receive in the city.


Doesn’t life seem similar? As if there is a peaceful revolution to the direction you are headed in? That it is possible to do what you love and love what you do?


Patrice Tanaka, founder of Joyful Planet LLC, gave me a run for my money when she said,


“Discovering and articulating your life purpose is the single most efficient and powerful thing you can do to reach your leadership potential and greatest success.”


The most awarding part of this conference was the moment we heard our university won first place and honorable mention for the NODAC competition. All the blood, sweat, and tears for the past two years that went into establishing our PR program, PRSSA chapter and PR firm (Inspired Strategies Agency, ISA), came to fruition.


“The Revolution Continues” was the theme of the conference, but I believe this conference started a revolution. Personally, and through the other four peers who attended, I could see them grow into who they are, what they believe in and see that passion thrive in only four days.


The students on those teams, who earned their awards for their work within this class and all the dedication put forth, are the same students involved and invested in our PRSSA and ISA.

Of course, we had some fun along the way . . . 

Boston 6Boston5



Oh, did I mention how we have our very own Target model?

Boston 9 

Late night shenanigans 


boston10Boston 10

My take away from National Conference? Do what you love and never look back.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will ever forget how you made them feel”Maya Angelou

As Always,


Written By: Jessie Kilbride, Olivet PRSSA President


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