Find Your Niché

This Semester at Olivet Nazarene University, we had great guest speakers come into Chapel and speak to the student body. One of my favorites was a couple named Kristin and Danny.

According to, “Kristin and Danny Adams are entertainers, content creators, public speakers and viral sensations who, according to Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, are “taking your co-worker’s YouTube break by storm.” Passionate about God and family, K & D post new videos every Friday that are fun and entertaining for people of all ages.  They launched their social channels in June of 2015, and already their #LaughterIsTheBestMedicine online community has grown to over 900,000 people”.

After they spoke in chapel, they came to two of my communications classes to talk about their rise to “fame” and how they handle communications and how they found their audience.

Their story was truly inspiring and it showed a lot about what amazing things God can do in your life. While listening to them, I was thinking about the best way for me to find my audience, and influence them. I have been trying to brand my social media and make my name known in the online community, but I had been struggling. The biggest thing I remember them saying is that you need to focus on WHAT you’re bringing to the metaphorical table that isn’t already out there. What makes you different from the millions of other people you see on Instagram. This comes back to the idea of branding yourself and your “product”.

Business 2 Community: “Find Your Brand Voice on Social Media”

So if you’re trying to introduce a product or idea to the world online or in person, it is crucial to be aware of what type of brand you’re putting off, and what audience you are attempting to grab.

Written By: Margaret Sutton, Junior Account Executive


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