Dress for Success: 4 Business Clothing Essentials for Women

When I came to college, I never imagined that I would be dressing in business professional clothing nearly every day of the week. Between my job working in an office and being a part of Inspired Strategies Agency, I went from wearing jeans to wearing dress pants in a matter of just a few weeks. It took me a few weeks to figure out exactly what sort of clothing I should wear, but here’s a list of go-to pieces that you can’t go wrong with when you’re required to dress in business professional clothing.

  1. Black Dress Pants

Maceys.pngMacy’s                  Leivis Levi’s

The first clothing item I purchased when I had to start dressing up was a pair of black dress pants. There are so many styles of dress pants that it’s easy to find a style you feel comfortable and confident in. Black is a color that will go with any other color. You can dress it up and go all out, or if you’re having a more laid-back day at the office you can dress it down.



  1. Black Blazer

OldNavyOld Navy           MaricesMaurice’s

A simple black blazer can dress an outfit up so much. I would suggest going for one that is flexible and allows you to move around without restriction.

  1. Black Pumps (or Flats)

MaceyshoeMacy’s      DSWDSW

Depending on how professional your work environment is, owning a pair of black pumps is essential. Not only do these dress up your outfit, but they just make you look sharp. If you know you’re going to have a day with lots of errands to run, it’s good to have a comfortable pair of black flats to run these errands in. They’re still dressy, but allow you to get places much quicker and without blisters on your feet.



  1. A Colorful Top for a Pop of Color

JCPJCPenney       TBDDressTBDress

If you’re wearing black dress pants, a black blazer, and black shoes, you need to have a pop of color in your outfit! Whether it’s bright pink, powerful red, baby blue, or just a simple white top, wear the color you love most! No matter the color you choose, it will brighten and soften your outfit. You can choose to wear a nice, colorful tank top under your blazer or you can wear a blouse that can be worn with and without your blazer.

Written By: Haley Foster, Junior Account Executive


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