Celebrating Differences In PR

As a public relations student I have often found it to be extremely difficult to stay focused on one thing because there are a million different directions that you can run.

While I am doing many things, I am also often the type of person that sometimes falls into the mindset that there is only one way to do something. I generally believe that my way is the right way. Through collaborating with others I have seen that this is not the case at all.

There are many different clients in our agency and with each client there is an account executive. While we all technically hold the same position, we are all doing vastly different things from one another. We each come at problems and run our teams in different ways. At first I felt inferior to other leaders and threatened that they would do a better job than me. While it is sometimes healthy in small doses to benchmark yourself and compare to where others are it, it is not everything.

I have been learning that each situation is unique and calls for a unique way to handle it. I see things differently from how another person would. Each client is different so there has to be many personalities to fit their needs. Then after you find the right fit, the beauty of having differences from others is that at weekly meetings if you are struggling, someone else can share their ideas and help you get unstuck. It’s a balancing act. We must all be different and think differently in order to help one another succeed.

This blog may not teach you an important PR skill by the books, but I sincerely hope that it helps someone to feel comfortable with leading something for themselves.

Let us celebrate our differences and learn from one another.

Written By: Helen Berdebes, Account Executive



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