Picture3.pngSexual assault has always been a problem, but, until recently, it has been a lot easier to sweep under the rug. This is an unpleasant subject that causes discomfort in many circles, but people are finally speaking out.

Many big name actresses have recently come forward with their stories on sexual harassment from film producer Harvey Weinstein. He had made advances that were kept quiet until now, but he has finally been exposed.

Picture2.pngWith these accusations coming to light, actress Alyssa Milano encouraged women to bravely share their sexual assault stories. Since then social media has exploded with women sharing their own personal sexual assault stories, tagging them with #metoo.

Picture1These two small words are making such an impact, people are finally talking about an issue that has been portrayed as taboo. Women all over the world have responded to this movement. Even female senators have begun speaking out about their own sexual assault experiences.

This campaign is giving women freedom from these weights that they have been carrying around with them, some for years. The question that needs to be asked is, will this movement make a change?

If you think about it, how does any change begin but through recognition of the problem? The language and the approach we use to promote awareness is highly important when addressing serious issues. If people can finally see what is going on in the world around them maybe they will make the time to stick up for those who need it.

This campaign has made progress by raising awareness for a real problem in society. It has made an effort to focus more on the victims and their struggles rather than the offenders who try to bounce the blame off of themselves.

Rape culture is prevalent in our society, sometimes just with words. People should be able to feel safe doing everyday things like walking down the street, or going to work. Hopefully, the #metoo campaign can finally make enough people realize that something needs to change.

Written By: Hannah Young, Junior Account Executive

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