ISA Today

[a message from the agency director, senior Anna Richards]

“I love that ISA stretches far beyond a class. It it a hands-on experience that exposes students to so many things in the communication field and more. It not only teaches students, but grows them as professionals, prepares them for life outside of college, and build up their confidence and real experience.”

Awhile ago, I gave this above response to someone when they asked what ISA meant to me. As I reflect on this quote and with an entire semester of agency under our belt for the 2019-2020 school year, I can’t help but be thankful and soak in the growth that this group has had.

We are reaching deep into our community, both at Olivet and beyond the boundaries of the University. We are raising the standards for what it means to be professional, thorough, and authentic. We are collaborating, developing, learning, and growing. We are influencing, setting the pace, and preparing for so much more that is to come.

And I am proud.

What started as an agency comprised of primarily Public Relations students is increasingly becoming a fully functioning and well-rounded group of diverse young professionals.

Looking back on what I said ISA means reminds me of the importance for diversity in communication. Sure, we started as a Public Relations group. But what has stemmed from that is a group of not only PR students, but students in communication studies, corporate communications, film studies, radio, television and video production, journalism, media management, ministry media, marketing, and more.

The importance of offering a broad range of services available to clients is essential. We need to offer wholistic approaches in communication strategies because that is the world we live in. With rapidly advancing technology and cultural trends, the standards for how we communicate are growing as well, demanding that we keep up.

We sure are keeping up.

I’m looking forward to seeing all that the students in Inspired Strategies Agency accomplish. If you want to follow along, join us on social media:

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