Personal Relations Affect Public Relations

Being a college student has given me the opportunity to grow in many ways. I’ve grown mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and professionally in my time here. Entering into the professional world has been slightly terrifying, but the more you put yourself out there, the easier it becomes. However, as I advance in the public relations world … Continue reading Personal Relations Affect Public Relations

Is Public relations really that important in today’s generation?

Before coming to Olivet Nazarene University, I felt like I already had my career choice planned out for myself, or at least the outline. I grew up in a Christian family and had the privilege of being a pastor’s son. My family is from Haiti, which means they learned English as a second language, which … Continue reading Is Public relations really that important in today’s generation?

Four Tips For Creating The Best Social Media For Your Brand

What is the goal? What are you trying to achieve from your social media accounts? Before you start, that goal needs to be determined. If you are trying to sell a specific product, then you need to create content supporting that product to inform customers why this product is best for them and why they … Continue reading Four Tips For Creating The Best Social Media For Your Brand

Find Your Niché

This Semester at Olivet Nazarene University, we had great guest speakers come into Chapel and speak to the student body. One of my favorites was a couple named Kristin and Danny. According to, “Kristin and Danny Adams are entertainers, content creators, public speakers and viral sensations who, according to Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, are “taking your … Continue reading Find Your Niché

The Boston Babes

​​ Exhilaration and sleep: the two thoughts constantly streaming through my brain and everyone else's during PRSSA 2017 National Conference. You look to the left and see people bustling, Lyfts and Ubers coming and going, people headed to Starbucks, and then you look to your right - a luscious green park, pigeons, rain spitting every so … Continue reading The Boston Babes

Do you believe in ethics?

Do you believe that all public relations professionals should be held accountable for the same rules of ethics? Or should their ethics depend on which professional organization they are a part of?   On Wednesday Oct. 18, 2017, Richard Edelman, Edelman CEO, contacted the four major public relations organizations around the world—the PR Council, the … Continue reading Do you believe in ethics?