In Our Own Words

Dr. Jay Martinson, Chair of the Communication Department at Olivet Nazarene University, shares part of the history of Inspired Strategies Agency.

Elizabeth Kerns, Assistant Professor of Communication at Olivet, said, “Our goal is to leave Kankakee County a better place than when our students arrived. This outreach is a win-win partnership where the students can gain experience while in college and local businesses or organizations will gain a strategic public relations campaign from young professionals.”

“I am proud of the accomplishments our students have already achieved in founding a professional agency and building relationships throughout Kankakee County since we started this endeavor in October. Their work ethic and vision for the future of the agency demonstrates their dedication to leaving a legacy to future Olivet students,” said, Kerns.

Alexis Smith, Student Director of Inspired Strategies Agency, said, “We fully support Dr. Bowling and Olivet’s community outreach initiative. The agency is a way to not only get closer to our community, but also make it a better place. Very few college students receive the opportunity to gain professional experience through running a PR firm.”

“Public Relations firms gain credibility through the work they implement with their clients. Networking is a large part of this, putting yourself out there in a professional and ethical manner is how you gain valuable network connections. When someone believes in you, they believe in your work and support it. Once an opportunity arrives for an agency to prove their credibility they need to create results,” said, Smith.

More from Alexis Smith, Agency Director 2016 – 2017 and Founder:

Rachel Schramm, Account Executive of Inspired Strategies Agency, said, “ISA is an incredible opportunity for Olivet students to gain real life experience working with clients in the community. The advantage of graduating college with a few years of experience will set us apart in the professional world,”

More from Rachel Schramm, Account Executive and Founder:

Hira Uddin, Account Executive for Inspired Strategies Agency, said, “We gain experience in the agency through hands-on experiential learning. We get exposure to real-world clients and by experiencing the challenges of client relations and managing a team, we learn how to handle these challenges professionally.”

Kate Cox, Account Executive for Inspired Strategies Agency, elaborated about the professional benefits when she said, “I believe that this opportunity is the stepping stone to any future professional. School is a place for us to learn and receive a solid education, but ISA provides us with a real world experience that rounds out our marketability after graduation. It helps us learn first hand about the PR industry and how to interact with business leaders. Olivet is preparing us professionally which many other schools do not do as well.”