Katy Maurer


Job Title: Account Executive

Client: Strickler Planetarium

Bio: Katy Maurer is a Senior English major at Olivet Nazarene University. She is completing minors in Creative and Professional Writing and Communications. She also works as a planetarium operator at Strickler Planetarium and TA for the astronomy class, and is also an Account Executive for Olivet’s student-run Public Relations firm, Inspired Strategies Agency. This semester, she is also stepping into the role of Executive Editor for InspiredStrategiesAgency.com. Katy is from the Ottawa, Illinois, area, and would like to pursue a career in public relations or publishing for planetariums across the country.

Major: English

Minor(s): Creative/Professional Writing, Communications

Graduation Date: Spring 2018

Hometown: Norway, Illinois

How long have you been with Agency: Spring 2017

Past clients: Strickler Planetarium is Katy’s first client with ISA. In previous classes, she has created campaigns for Olivet’s Communication department and the planetarium.

Why do you love working for Inspired Strategies Agency: Inspired Strategies Agency is a great opportunity for students, like me, who are interested in Public Relations to really get a feel for what it’s all about. Pardon the pun, but it really is inspiring. ISA allows students to do real work in the community, and to form connections and relationships with tons of people.

What was your greatest accomplishment within ISA: Last semester was my first semester in Agency. Besides proving myself capable of being a strong leader in a new position, I am most proud to have worked closely with my team to plan and implement two events that got Strickler’s and Inspired Strategies Agency’s name out into the community.

Career goals: Before I enrolled in my first Public Relations course, I wanted to use my English degree to be an editor or publisher, but I didn’t know what for. Now, after taking two public relations courses and being an operator at our planetarium, I would love to work with a planetarium as a public relations professional.

Twitter: @KarumaMaurer