The Boston Babes

​​ Exhilaration and sleep: the two thoughts constantly streaming through my brain and everyone else's during PRSSA 2017 National Conference. You look to the left and see people bustling, Lyfts and Ubers coming and going, people headed to Starbucks, and then you look to your right - a luscious green park, pigeons, rain spitting every so … Continue reading The Boston Babes


My Journey to PR

“You should really consider taking the Intro to Public Relations class I’m teaching next semester,” Professor Kerns (PK) said to me one day after a journalism class. I responded with, “Yeah, maybe!” hoping that she would be satisfied with my answer. Besides, I was only taking her journalism class because I needed an extra class … Continue reading My Journey to PR

Brewing Coffee Culture

The top three beverages in the U.S. are water, soda, and coffee. Of these, coffee is the most prominent in our society, not so much because of its taste, but because of its social value The value of coffee has significantly changed since our parents’ generation (the Baby Boomers) to our current millennial generation (1981-2000). For … Continue reading Brewing Coffee Culture