What started as an extracurricular practicum experience by four Public Relations and Strategic Communication students, quickly became a full-service, student-run strategic communication agency with four account executives servicing two clients.

In November 2015, Professor Elizabeth Kerns spearheaded the efforts to get ISA running by enlisting a group of Public Relations and Strategic Communication students to take on two clients from the Kankakee, Illinois area. Alexis Smith (Class of 2017), Rachel Schramm (Class of 2018), Hira Uddin (Class of 2017), and Kate Cox (Class of 2018) spent several months analyzing, planning and creating a full public relations proposal for two clients, the Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce and the Kankakee Valley Symphony Orchestra. After the completion of the final proposal was presented to the clients the four students became the founders of ISA and cemented the first official clients of the agency. With each year bringing more success to Inspired Strategies Agency, the potential for growth is unlimited. ISA is proud to have joined the ranks of ONU’s student-run communication outlets such as The Glimmer Glass and hopes to continue making its everlasting mark on campus and in Kankakee county community.  The agency is currently advised by Professor Susan Wolff and Dr. Jay Martinson.

Present/Past Agency Directors:

  • Anna Richards (class of 2020): 2019-2020
  • Kyla Bledsoe (class of 2019): 2018-2019
  • Kate Cox* (class of 2018): 2017 – 2018
  • Alexis Smith* (class of 2017): 2015 – 2017

*Denotes Founding Member of Inspired Strategies Agency