4 ways to on-board clients in an agency

Inspired Strategies Agency (ISA)  would be nonexistent if it weren’t for what professor Elizabeth Kerns had already established at Central Washington University (CWU). I was spoiled with templates and examples on how to form policy. Still, what worked for CWU doesn’t always work for Olivet Nazarene University(ONU) so it is nice to have outside forces to help guide ISA along.

Rebecca Wardlow, digital marketing genius shared 4 ways she properly “on-boards” clients.

  1. Document Everything– Everything needs to be on a drive somewhere so that if you get hit by a bus the agency can still survive (only after mourning your loss of course). ISA stores information in an online storage site called Dropbox.
  2. Pre-Meeting-Wardlow meets with her clients to choose a client package. ISA is pro- bono therefore we do not offer different packages. The Account Executives do however, sit down with their clients and fill out a client contract which takes a client’s goals and turns them into tangible objectives.
  3. Expectations- Wardlow makes sure that clients understand what is expected, her availability, her turn around time for projects, and she sets boundaries. Once again the client contract that ISA has established is meant to do the same thing. I hate saying this because it has negative connotations attached to it, but agency is a one credit class. Our staff can only do so much while balancing the rest of our credit hours and the endless extracurricular activities we participate in.We make that very clear in the contract.
  4. Questionnaire- Warldow sends her new client home with a questionnaire to help her gauge what services they’re requesting. Examples of these questions include “what are your biggest challenges?” “What does the public think of your brand?” – she asks the hard questions so that she can assess what they need and what they want. She tries her best to marry the two together.

A special shout out to Rebecca Wardlow for speaking to ISA.

Interested in becoming a client? CLICK HERE 

By Alexis Smith, Agency Director


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