The Recipe for Success

Its that time of year again… Time to get the cookbooks that have been sitting in the cupboard and blow the dust off just to impress the family with some cookies.

Well no matter how hard you look, there is one recipe you will not find in your “cookbook”. In our lives we are often searching for ways to be successful. Now, for some being successful may mean to have the corner office on the top floor, for others success may mean being happy and living life to the fullest.

Regardless of how you measure success, here are 5 tips to live by in order to be successful…

1. Wash the dishes (Do the dirty work)


Washing the dishes may seem like a pain at times, but those who are willing to do the little things are the ones who are successful. The little things may feel like they go unnoticed, but someone is always watching you. Be willing to get your hands dirty.

2. Take your time (There is a difference between ordinary, and extraordinary.)


Taking your time is extremely important. Don’t do what it takes to get the job done, do what it takes to get the job done well.

3. Don’t eat all the cookie dough (Put people first)


It’s important to stay humble. Staying humble and putting others before you is something that will shine through to other people. If you eat all the cookie dough, there is not enough left for the people who the cookies are actually for.

4. Take the time to decorate your cookies (Go the extra mile)


Always be willing to go above and beyond. There are small things you can do to stand out. These small things will make the good things great. Having the patience to “decorate your cookies” will show others that you truly care about them.

5. Its okay to burn the cookies…once. (Don’t Be Afraid to Fail)


Well, you left them in too long… that’s okay because there are always more ingredients. Failing is something that too many people are afraid to do. It is the ones who fall, get back up, and keep kicking that are successful. Learn from your mistakes.

Hayden’s Not-So-Important Opinion?

Christmas cookies are only good with lots of frosting!

Hayden’s Advice of the Week?

Don’t forget to keep this recipe. With the Christmas Season among us, don’t forget to eat a lot of actual Christmas cookies.

By Hayden Keifer, Account Executive, Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce

Read the original post here!


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